August 2012 - The Next Project

So what is to be my next project when Ripples In the Sand - the Fourth Sea Witch Voyage - has gone off to be officially published?
 (end of October is publication date)

I have had several ideas: Boudicca. I would like to write her story, my way, one day. Or a follow-on to Harold the King / I am the Chosen King, the "what happened next" in the 1066 saga?

Most of that story would be about Hereward The Wake and his rebellion in the Isle of Ely.
Or perhaps I would write Aldytha's story - Harold II's official wife and Queen....

I will write this novel, to complete the Saxon Lost Kingdom Series as a set.
But not yet.

I have two viable options for a next project. One is a bit of a secret still,  but involves a Highwayman and a famous poem, the other is an idea I had many years ago, but was turned down by my ex-agent, so put on hold.

My Madoc the Horseman Series - devotees of my Pendragon's Banner Trilogy will recall the battle at Trimontium (in Book Two, Pendragon's Banner) and may recall a mention of Madoc, one of Arthur's officers who was injured in the battle (he may only be mentioned in later editions, though - I'll have to check!)

Anyway, Madoc is one of Arthur's Cavalrymen. He is injured and can no longer fight. Depressed, bored, he does not know what to do with himself. he returns to his home town (haven't decided where that will be yet) and finds a dead woman, and injured foal - and a stolen horse.

Adventure, intrigue and an attempt to find a murderer follows. With a touch of romance - of course.

Madoc is to become a spy for King Arthur - his cover being that he is his HorseMaster - going where he needs to buy horses. And get involved in all sorts of adventures as a sideline.

What do you think? Any Preferences for these ideas?


  1. No knowing what your agent turned down, I would go for the Highwayman/poem story - sounds romantic (in the Walter Scott definition).
    But then I am not into Medaevil or Arthurian eras.
    No doubt one of them will grab you unexpectedly after your latest release.

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  3. I love the idea of the highwayman... and it would be nice to get a new take on Hereward. I'm surprised he's not more popular with historical novelists.

  4. I would love to read about Madoc! But I am partial to your Arthurian trilogy and would LOVE to return to that realm.

    I don't think that I could choose one over the other of these ideas as I also want to read more about the 1066 era as well. And I also think that your talents could truly breathe new life into Boudicca.

  5. Thank you Margaret, Helen Hart & Cathy for the feedback - much appreciated!

  6. Personally, I would love to read about the Highwayman - Am I correct in assuming that your reference is to the poem set to music by one Lorenna McKennit?? That is a story worth telling!!! I also like the idea of Hereward.

  7. You are right Kelly - the poem is very good, but Loreena's version is fabulous (highlight of seeing her in concert recently in London was listening to her singing it live!)


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