Take a Journey Back in time - to the period of King Arthur

The boy...
Who became the Man...
Who became the King...
Who became the legend - Arthur Pendragon!

 For lovers of Arthurian Fiction
my what might have really happened story of King Arthur 

I wrote The Kingmaking over twenty years ago because I wanted to put Arthur where he belongs
 - in Post Roman Britain...

 This is MY tale of Arthur!

What is the truth behind the familiar stories of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table? There is no evidence for "King" Arthur ever existing - but the stories must have come from somewhere - or someone! 
The Pendragon's Banner Trilogy strips away all the made-up Medieval myth and mayhem and delves deeper into history, uncovering the earlier, more real version of the man we know as 'Arthur'. 

Here you will find no Merlin, no Lancelot. No holy grail, round table or knights in armour. Instead - a believable 'warts and all' Arthur, set in the Dark Ages of the 5th & 6th centuries, between the going of the Romans and the coming of the Anglo Saxons.

This is the story as it might have really happened. 

Arthur is no chivalric Christian King in this tale, but a man who has to fight hard to win his kingdom - and even harder to keep it! 

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