H2U Main Zone - Grand Launch!

well, the H2U zone - with all sorts of entertaining extras has officially launched as
Open to View!

Click Here to Enter Zone

My Webmaster and I had originally designed the H2U Zone as a secret "extra" for members who signed up. All well and good - and thank you to those few members who did sign in! 
We realised that maybe "secret" can be a little too secret though - so the Zone can now be reached openly via the menu bar on my website www.helenhollick.net 

This is what you can enjoy: 
several of the items have sound and animation or captions - so keep a look-out for instructions

  1. Featured Graphics
  2. Moon Pony Extract
  3. Ripples In The Sand cover art
  4. Ripples In The Sand - animation #1
  5. Ripples In The Sand - animation #2
  6. Ripples In The Sand - unpublished extract
  7. Trailer Preview
  8. Foals Of Epona - unpublished extract
  9. Songs Of A Sea Witch
  10. Avalon Graphics Showcase
  11. Rural Devon
  12. Rumours and Gossip
  13. The Olympeck Games

and I would love some feedback (good, bad, or indifferent!) so please do leave a comment below! 

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