About to be distracted - might be gone some while...


I've been struggling with the secondary plot for the next  Sea Witch Voyage for months now - that #eureka moment happened at 2 a.m. this morning.
Wham! Palm-smack-forehead... Of course!!!! 

I've been awake since then thinking it through and I can't tell you the relief of finally knowing which direction this novel needs to go in! 

Being an indie writer means you are independent in virtually all the writing process, from conception to birth. Yes you need an editor, yes you need a cover designer, possibly an assisted publisher of some sort to do the technical bit of actually publishing the book, but unlike with mainstream there is no trusted agent (who is possibly also a friend) to chat about "the next book". There is no Managing Editor at her desk in your publishing house. No back up, no sounding board to toss ideas back and forth.

My UK publisher is very supportive (www.silverwoodbooks.co.uk ) as is my editor - both are willing to chat, but both are busy - and neither have the frustration that I've had of not quite being sure how On The Account was going to actually pan out.

Two people have even said to me "go away and write something else". No..o... I hear my Jesamiah followers cry in despair! We want to know what happens next after Ripples In The Sand!

Maybe the Alliance of Independent Authors could open a "grapple with your ideas" forum or something for authors like me who have been stuck for plot ideas?

Anyway, I had to do some chores this morning, but I'm now going out into the garden with a pile of books to do the research I need. Then I am going to write like the clappers...

I might not be around as much these next few weeks (although I'll not disappear altogether! 

Oh and the idea? 
You think I'm going to TELL you..... 

You are just going to have to wait and read the book.

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  1. A forum such as you suggest would be a great idea, Helen. It could be called 'Writer's Block'!!

  2. How exciting! I love this kind of tease...

    Can't wait to find out all about The Idea.

    1. LOL Helen Hart - - some of it is even a tease for me as I don't always know where Jesamiah is going to take me! :-)

  3. Oh Helen, I am soooo relieved to read your post to know I am not alone. I have struggled beyond reason with my latest WIP but can not let it go. I am determined to write this book if it kills me, and I think it might.....! Congrats on your inspiration, you are a fabulous writer so whatever the idea it will be brilliant. Enjoy your journey. ;) x

    1. There's all the useful things like "take a walk", set the work aside and do something else" - but I find they never work. My mind is set on the track of the present idea and nothing can get me off it. You'll get there Pauline - your books are such delightful reads!

  4. In the same place as you but not yet had that eureka in-the-middle-of-the-night moment! Live in hope. Thank you, Helen, for sharing and showing us it does happen!!

    1. See my answer to Pauline above Harriet - you will suddenly hit on the right thing - its frustrating waiting around for that "yes!" moment though isn't it!


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