Pirates and Blog Hops .... Arrr!

I've been taking part in a Piratical Blog Hop where each  author posts a different author's article. The theme is - well pirates, in order to celebrate the forthcoming Talk Like A Pirate Day - and there is a chance to win some literary loot.  Seven authors (me included) are giving away copies of our books - 

We all had a set of questions to answer - which were:
  • What made you want to write about pirates in the first place? What is it about them that intrigued you as a writer?
  • Tell us a little about your book, Sea Witch, that you’re giving away for this event.
  • In reality, pirates were awful people that most of us wouldn’t want to run across if we were sailing a ship, but in our culture they’ve been romanticized so often that it’s almost expected by some folk. Do you have trouble balancing reality with the romanticized aura of the pirate, or do you not worry too much about that when crafting your tales?
  • How often do you turn to real-life pirates for inspiration in creating your characters or plot?
  • What makes your series different from other piratical adventures out there? What’s your main goal with your pirate stories?
  • Bonus Question: If you had to design a pirate flag for yourself, what would it look like?

so go to HERE to discover my answers and have a bit of fun


  1. Your flag was fun and challenging to put together, but I love the idea of a blue flag. Stand out among the rest of the pirates. :)

  2. LOL - of course, my Jesamiah always stands out from a crowd! :-)


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