SilverWood Books Open Day at Foyles of Bristol

Spot the Hat LOL!  

A taster of the SilverWood Books Writing & Self-Publishing
 Open Day at Foyles, Bristol UK 
on 20th  September 2014.


  1. Well, that was easy. Spotted it (you) at least eleven times (unless you were in the hot air balloon, then it's twelve).
    Events like these make me miss not being anywhere near a happening place. I remember with a bit of nostalgia my going to the Los Angeles book fairs. Ah, well, such is the lot of an Arkansas hermit; they didn't know me then, they don't know me now.

    1. Any chance you can make it to the HNS 2015 conference in Denver Inge? I'll be there - would be great to meet up!

  2. Caught 15 glimpses, Helen, looked a great day - oh to live down south...


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