I want to make it quite clear 
that the last scene - almost the last lines - 
in the fourth Sea Witch Voyage 
Ripples In the Sand...

"Sad and afraid, Tiola looked towards the headland, to where they had led Jesamiah away. She had saved him from the sea, and now she had to save him from the noose.
~ I will come for you, Jesamiah, as soon as I have tended Francesca, I will come after you.~

~ You’d better, ~ he said, gruff, into her mind. ~ I’m getting’ bloody tired of being locked up for doin’ things I ain’t done. ~

were written about two years ago...
so therefore...
I did NOT copy this last scene
aired last night on TV!


and it also isn't my fault that Ross Poldark 
looks very much like my Jesamiah!

if he had longer hair,...
a gold acorn earring....


  1. Brilliant! This clearly proves that great minds (or at least great writers) think alike!
    Clearly though this is sign of which actor should be cast at Jesamiah in the TV adaptation of your book.

  2. LOL - have to be honest I'd be happy with any actor playing Jesamiah if I was offered a TV drama deal!


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