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History Mystery and Derring-Do!

Like fun and adventure in your novels?
That promising yourself 'just one more chapter' 
only to find several hours later 
- well into the early hours of morning - 
you've finished the book... 
a bit breathless and wanting more! 

 (I'm talking about the book....what did you think I meant!??)

“A cracking tale” – an expression we often use. 
Stories that make your pulse hammer, your gut grip and your breath catch. 
You are chasing renegades, fighting in the Peninsula, 
sailing on the high seas, plotting new conquests, 
spying for your country, in the arena sword in hand, 
escaping to a new colony, engulfed in a mystery, 
falling in love, moving stealthily or boldly,
trying to make sense of what’s happening 
but above all, 

Sometimes it’s a slowburn, a thoughtful process, 
but nonetheless gripping, 
others instantly burst into the action. 

browse our selection and decide 
what adventures you want to ride!

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