The 7 x 7 Game

I've been tagged by Anna Belfrage in the 7 X 7 game, whereby I post seven lines from any page in my WIP ending with a seven.

 I'm supposed to nominate seven more authors but I'm about to go out - so if anyone wants to nominate themselves and add your own seven lines from page seven of you next book below please do so!

This is my contribution from On The Account. 

“I believe it did not survive the birth.”
The words hit Jesamiah like a blow to the belly. Another secret, another matter he could not discuss with this man who was supposed to be a friend. 
How did you express the uncertainty that this dead-born child was possibly your own son? Daughter? ‘Cesca had stated quite clearly that the babe she had carried was not his, but Jesamiah had not believed her. Or was that because he had not wanted to? 
“What was it?” he asked.


  1. Helen - what a teaser!
    I thought maybe Ann would have a "collection" page but couldn't find one on her blog. So, here it goes:
    My Contribution from Book 5 of the Legends of the Winged Scarab (and you are the first to see it).

    The Nile Conspiracy,

    “Your Excellency, we all agree. It’s the only way to stop our river from drying up while they fill their monstrous reservoir. Five years without our annual inundation is too long. Lake Nasser only gives us a three-year reserve at best.”
    “By we, I assume you mean you and our friend here; or are there others who are in on this Rambo-scheme of yours?” El-Amir eyed Dr. Hussein Haddad, his new Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation, wondering how far along Shamoon’s his little conspiracy had been hatched behind his back.


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