German Translation Contract !

I'm delighted to announce that my 
Pendragon's Banner Trilogy is to be
translated into German by  
SadWolf Verlag! Very Exciting!

My huge thanks to Carolin Ahnert who initially approached Sadwolf and who has helped with much of the translation needed - pity she doesn't work for Facebook, the translation there is somewhat muddled - 'Hollick' appears as Get lick! *laugh*

Anyway I am delighted to have this opportunity to work with this exciting publisher!

Book One: The Kingmaking


  1. Congratulations, Helen!! How exciting for you.

  2. Vene, Vidi, Vici.
    Unlike Richard The Lionheart, you won't need your own Blondel, The Minstrel, to rescue you from those Austrian bastions (right on the Danube; great view-unless you're down in the dungeons).
    You'll be storming the bastions of German literature with blazing ease.
    Okay, I am mixing my linguistic metaphors here - but, hey, it's the EU now!
    Greatest of admiration, Helen. Well done-und Willkommen in Deutschland sowie auch in Oesterreich!

  3. Thank you so much Helen! I'm glad I could help! Holding the books in my hands will be the greatest reward ever!!


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