Jesamiah sails into Italian Seas!

Il primo viaggio di Capitan Jesamiah Acorne, della strega bianca

 Tiola Oldstagh e della ciurma di pirati della Sea Witch è ora 

disponibile sul nostro store, su ‪#‎Amazon‬ e su‪#‎Kobobooks‬!

 Che cosa aspetti?

via: Catnip Edizioni

or for non-Italian speakers....

The first Voyage of Captain Jesamiah Acorne, of the white witch Tiola Oldstagh and the crew of pirates of the Sea Witch is now available in our store, on ‪#‎Amazon‬ and on ‪#‎kobobooks‬! What are you waiting for?


  1. Brava, Capitano Jesamiah!

    And, Brava, Helen. Here's to hoping for another chest of pirate gold to fill the Sea Witch's coffers.

  2. Grazie molto! Which I'm told means Thank you very much! :-)

  3. Auguri!! (Best wishes). What a thrill it must be to see your book in any foreign language. I must admit, I'm partial to Italian. Congratulations and Buona Fortuna per la Sea Witch Italiano. Just wondering, why didn't they convert the title?

  4. Grazie molto! From what I gather the Italian version will be available worldwide on Kindle - ideal for Italian speakers or those learning the language! We decided to keep all names in English because some translated, some didn't and we didn't want half and half.


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